Samsung | Sleigh Ride

Client – Here Be Dragons
Type – Previs, Techvis
Director – Nima Nourizadeh

VR Experience

Proof had two directives for this location-based VR installation for Samsung. The first was to look at the viewer's perspective to determine an optimal relationship between the viewer, the sleigh, and Santa. We tested a variety of positions, moving the viewer forwards and backwards, up and down until the creative team was satisfied we had arrived at a camera location that would result in a VR experience that was fun and exciting, but not perilous.

Proof's second directive was to block out the action from start to finish for client feedback. Our work was used to determine the number of story beats and the overall duration of the piece. The story went through significant changes through the Previs, allowing the final VFX vendor to focus all of their efforts on the approved final shots.

PREVIS | 360˚