Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Type – Previs, Postvis
Director – Shawn Levy
Studio – Twentieth Century Fox
Location – Los Angeles

For the third entry of the popular Night at the Museum franchise, Proof helped Director Shawn Levy and VFX Supervisor Erik Nash bring life to the menagerie of taxidermied creatures and historic artifacts inhabiting London's British Museum. We guided the project through Previs, Techvis, and Postvis for several sequences. Among the challenges we were asked to tackle was figuring out how to film full size actors and make them look like 3 inch miniatures, and giving every newly conscious museum denizen a unique dance move for the big dance-party finale. This film also afforded the Proof team the career highlight of animating a Capuchin monkey using the old urine-as-fire-extinguisher move to save our heroes from certain doom. Lots of laughs and lots of work brought this film, and its characters, to life!