Proof Staff Pick

Shape Island

Type – Previs
Director – Drew Hodges
Studio – Apple TV +
Location – Los Angeles

When I initially got the call from BixPix, they were looking for a new approach for a stop motion animated series that was about to go into production. They wanted to go beyond storyboards to help plan their shoots and asked if we could Previs 32 - 11 minutes episodes, plus 2 - 22 minute specials, over a 13 month period.  Coming from an animation background, I was excited to see how we could support that effort!

Unlike most visualization projects, they had a set budget that we had to fit within so we were taking a leap of faith that a small team could pull off that many minutes in a little over a year. BixPix was a partner from the beginning and we worked with them to make sure they got what they needed for their studio approvals, animation prep and final stop motion shoots. It was a rare opportunity to work on every episode, and almost every sequence, of the series with the amazing team at BixPix.

And as a collector of children’s books, the fact that the series was based on the popular “The Shapes Trilogy” books made it extra special, remarkably rewarding and fun. We can’t wait for the next one!

- Patrice Avery