Type: Previs, Techvis, Postvis
Director: Joe Wright
Studio: Warner Bros.
Location: London

“Pan” was one of Proof London's first projects. It was an enjoyable and exciting project to work on, as it had a fantastic creative team led by the incomparable Joe Wright.

Joe was, and still is, a director whom I greatly admire. He has a fantastic ability to weave touching stories and beautiful cinematography together, and he began the project with every shot and sequence in his head already.

Alongside Joe, I worked with two of my favourite people to collaborate with Chas Jarrett and Dan Barrow as VFX supervisor and VFX Producer, respectively.

There were many fun sequences and innovations for “Pan”. It was the early days of our collaboration with the RoboMoco team using a Kuka robot arm to film. Chas and I had been developing a way to work with the RoboMoco team on our previous projects but had only done a few shots here and there. We ran an entire sequence for PAN with multiple animations through the rig. Another sequence we spent hours working on with Joe was an aerial dog fight over London with Spitfires versus a Pirate Gallon Ship. Who wouldn't love working on something like that?

A massive reason why this is one of my favourite all-time Proof jobs is that we played as hard as well as worked! Dan, Chas, and the Proof London team created a close partnership. The Proof London crew felt part of the VFX team. Many of the VFX team on Pan have moved forward in their careers and become VFX producers and production managers, and we continue to work with them today. Some have even joined us at Proof London as part of the team.

We had good fun making the film, and I think it shows.