Proof Staff Pick

The Sandman

Type – Previs, Postvis
Director – Jamie Childs
Studio – Netflix
Location – London

When Sandman initially reached out about working with Proof, I honestly didn’t know the series at all! After checking in with our supervisors to see if any of them knew of the comics, it was clear there was a stand out candidate for the show: senior supervisor, Adam Coglan! Adam has been a MASSIVE fan of the comic since the series began.  

That we were awarded the show and Adam was able to work on it made this show special to me. Adam ended up being a huge resource for the show as he was able to partner with the VFX Supervisor and come up with ideas that stayed true to the canon of the series.  It sums up what Proof is all about… being a creative partner that goes above and beyond to support the production!

- Benjy Riehl