Proof Staff Pick

Fast X

Type – Previs, Techvis, Postvis
Director – Louis Leterrier
Studio – Universal Pictures
Location – London, Los Angeles

Fast films in general are always a wild ride! The franchise is near and dear to Proofers as we’ve worked on them since Fast 3!  These Fast shows are always great fun as we’re asked to push the envelope when it comes to the awesome stunts we are asked to work on! 

When I first came to PROOF, I actually arrived to help out for a few weeks as a coordinator on Fast 9, and while these shows are full on, they are fantastically crazy in the best way! We get a huge creative license to work out the different sequences and a lot of the ideas we produce do get taken from the Previs stage all the way through Postvis and into finals!

- Benjy Riehl