Proof Staff Pick


Type – Previs, Postvis
Creator – James Gunn
Studio – DC Entertainment, MAX
Location – Los Angeles

After working on The Suicide Squad, we were really excited that James Gunn wanted to work with us again on Peacemaker! Then, we got the scripts and were even more excited to help bring this crazy, fun adventure to life! 

Every show has its own problems to solve; its triumphs and challenges but some shows have the perfect alchemy of personality, experience and talent that make it special. That was Peacemaker for me. We were a partner from day one and worked with the team through Previs and Postvis to support whatever was needed. VFX Supervisor Betsy Paterson and VFX Producer Jessica Smith brought their extensive experience working on series to keep us focused on what was really needed to keep the show moving forwards. With characters like Eagly to work on, it kept our team excited and invested in the work and kept us all entertained! ;)  Overall, it was a great time working with amazing folks at Proof and on the VFX team with the bonus of being one of my favorite shows to watch!

- Patrice Avery