The Tomorrow War

Type – Postvis
Director – Chris McKay
Studio – Amazon Studios
Location – Los Angeles

It was a dark and stormy night in Atlanta when Proof first met with “The Tomorrow War” VFX team. Outside, the rain was coming down so hard it dimmed the light coming from the street lamps, giving the whole place an eerie, post-apocalyptic feel. Talk about a fitting start to a project!

 A few weeks later, and back in sunny Los Angeles, Proofs’ team moved into the production office and began cranking out Postvis. Plates came in from VFX, our world-class team of trackers, animators and compositors worked their magic and shot after shot went out to editorial. It was glorious…. Until the global pandemic sent us all running. Another brush with the apocalypse. We adjusted immediately to remote work from home and by the end of our stint we delivered well over 500 vfx shots of creepy, blood-thirsty alien action. And the best part was working with Director Chris McKay, VFX Supervisor Jamie Price and VFX Producer Randy Starr. Who knew you could have so much fun saving the present by blasting apart aliens in the future.