Proof Staff Pick

The Little Mermaid

Type – Previs, Postvis
Director – Rob Marshall
Studio – Disney
Location – London

The Little Mermaid was a marquee project for Proof, as it was one of Disney’s beloved animated classics. We had a great responsibility to collaborate with the Director and creative team to really bring the story to life. As it was an underwater world for a large part of the film, we started from the concept stage all the way through Previs and into close to final level Postvis shots! It was an amazing project where we were able to contribute creatively to find and hit the Director’s overall vision!

TLM was already in production when I arrived at Proof, but it’s continued to be a project we reference in terms of the high standards of visualization we were able to achieve. On a personal level, as a father of three young children, I love that I am able to watch this film and enjoy the experience with them! That doesn’t happen often in many of the VFX films I’ve worked on! ;)

- Benjy Riehl