Wonder Woman

Type – Previs, Stuntvis
Director – Patty Jenkins
Studio – Warner Bros.
Location – London

“Wonder Woman” was another landmark film for me as it was the first DC movie I got to work on. It was such a privilege to be attached to this ground-breaking movie.

I'd always admired Patty Jenkins and was thrilled when we won this show. It was another chance to work with Bill Westenhoffer and Aline Bonito, who I enjoy collaborating with.

For Patty to be directing a strong female hero and icon was the stuff of dreams. It was, unbelievably, the first time I had worked with a female director, which is a sad reflection on our industry, but one which I hope is eroding, thanks in no small part to directors like Patty. Having a daughter, who is just starting in the industry, I'm proud to say I've worked with Patty.

The main sequence which we crafted was No Man's Land. It was a standout film sequence and a turning point in the story. Patty gave us a good dollop of creative freedom to try out ideas. She was also very generous with her time, and I learnt a lot from her sitting in the edit suite and talking over ideas.

Being involved in a film, which felt like a new direction for DC Universe and Warner Bros, was exciting. The aesthetic that Patty managed to achieve was truly vibrant and fresh but still nodding back to 'Classic Hollywood.'

“Wonder Woman” was one of the projects I felt I could really puff my chest out and be proud of when talking to others in our industry. Not only because of the work Proof London accomplished but because of the iconic film Patty created.